How long is my subscription valid?

The Skills app license has a defined duration- in general it is a 5-years license. Subscriptions will renew automatically, unless the subscription is cancelled.

Which payment methods are used?

We use Stripe and Paypal in Europe. All major creditcards are accepted. Safe and Secure. When using Paypal you can also use your banking/checking account.

Will I be able to use Medassist Online offline?

Yes, the download and usb versions can be used offline 24/7. The online version is online only. When there is no high-speed broadband available, we very strongly recommend the offline versions only.


Pricing may be subject to local taxes and VAT. USB includes worldwide shipping. Pricing can change anytime at our discretion and/or during promotions.

Do you offer support or replacements?

Yes, PRO accounts can get support or request replacements by mailing to or by phone, see contact info.



Who developed

Maritime physicians, educational staff and instructional designers with lots of input from seafarers and maritime officers.

Is available in more languagues?

English is the default language, however, we can enable to work with over 45 different languauges, on request.

Can be customized on request?

Yes, company specific features such as an offshore environment, logos and corporate identity are optional.

Can I make suggestions for improvements?

Yes, please do so! We highly value our customers' input.

What if I conduct medical procedures differently?

Sometimes there are many ways to carry out a certain procedure. We base our procedures on the materials that are required onboard ships (usually not the latest or most advanced). We opted for a basic state of art approach that we believe works best for non-medically trained personnel. If, in your opinion, there are incorrect parts or instructions, or you have improvement suggestions, please provide your valuable feedback using the form in contact menu. We are open to suggestions and want to improve continuously.

What about security and privacy?

All data is hosted on secure servers based in the EU (Amsterdam). Payments are handled by Paypal Europe and Stripe Europe. We do not have or store your payment information. Please check out our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Is our software safe?

All our software are verified by Microsoft Security Scanner and Valkyrie Comodo and are found safe.

Will there be updates?

There will be content updates as and when STCW requirements change. Technical updates will also be made.