Who developed MedAssist Online?
Maritime physicians, educational staff and instructional designers with lots of input from seafarers and maritime officers.

Is MedAssist Online available in more languages?
English is default but we can make MedAssist Online available in 25 world languages on request.

Can MedAssist Onine be customized on request?
Yes, company specific features such as an offshore environment, logo's and corporate identity are optional.

Can I make suggestions for improvement?
Yes, please do so as we value our customers input.

There are medical procedures I do differently Sometimes there are many ways to carry out a certain procedure. We based our procedures on the materials that are required onboard ships (usually not the latest or most advanced). We opted for a basic state of the art approach, that we believe works best for not medically trained personnel. If in your opinion there are incorrect parts or instructions or you have improvements, please share with us, using our feedback form in the 'contact' menu. We are open for suggestions and want to improve Medassist Online as much as we can.

What about security and privacy?
All data is hosted on secure servers based in the EU (Amsterdam). Payments are handled by Paypal Europe and Stripe Europe. We do not have or store your payment information. Please check out our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Is our software safe?
All our software is verified by Microsoft Security Sannner and Valkyrie Comodo and found safe.(Reports available on request?)

Will there be updates? Yes, there will be updates. Currently we run versions of MedAssist Online 2. Updates will be made on technical matters and on content. We make updates available online first.

Will there be new versions? Yes, there will be new versions of MedAssist Online. Currently we run MedAssist Online vs 2. New modules will be added, based on judgement from our medical staff but also based on your feedback. Please let us know what skills you feel should be added and why.