Where can I find download instructions for my tablet?
In you confirmation mail and by clicking here >>

Do you have a manual?
Yes, you can download the PDF manual by clicking here >>>

How can I download the MedAssist Online application? You can download the MedAssist Online application by clicking on the link in your confirmation mail you received. If you did not receive our mail, did you sign up for a download version or online or USB only? Did you check your spamfilter?

I tried downloading MedAssist Online but the link does not work Please make sure you are connected to the internet. If you are, make sure you do not use a firewall, (ad)blocker or anti-virussoftware like Norton, AVG, Kazperksi or McAffee that might prevent the download. Please add Articulate Player and Medassist Online to any exemptions where applicable. Please close and open your browser and/or mailprogram before retrying to download. Please try an alternative browser or use webmail when opening our confirmation mail.

I downloaded the MedAssist Online application, but it does not run First make sure your device runs the latest updates of it's software. Did you download and install the Articulate player from the App- or Playstore first? Download is only available for iOS and Android (not for Windows, which requires the online or USB-version). Make sure your firewall or anti-virus software like Norton, AVG, Kazperksi or McAffee allows the Articulate player and MedAssist Online to run. Are you sure you fully downloaded the application? If so, the button under the 'available offline' should be green. If all the above apply, please recheck and reread our manual carefully. Now delete the Articulate Player fully from your device and re-install the player and the application closely following our manual. Also check the Articulate Player FAQ for troubleshooting.

Why do I need the Articulate player? The MedAssist Online application uses Articulate software to run on. Like reading a document requires Word or Adobe Reader. That is why you need to install the (free) Articulate player first. The player is available in Appstore and Playstore.

Use the Articulate player to access MedAssist Online AFTER fully downloading the application. For online viewing sign-up for your (free) online account following the instructions in our confirmation mail. While technically possible, we strongly recommend against using the Articulate player for online viewing, since it might crash.

MedAssist.online does not run or runs slowly on my device Please make sure you have fully downloaded the application ONTO your device. Look for the 'Avaialble offline' button in the Articulate library as instructed in the manual. When finished downloading, it should be green. Due to the high amount of HD photo and video, the application will possibly not run or not run smoothly when watching online. Also it will not be available when there is no internet connection or might make the Articulate player crash.

I hear no sound playing MedAssist Online menu's, HD photos and text have no sound. Only the HD video has voice instructions. Please check the volume of your device and make sure sound is ON in Articulate (default). If you stop the video while playing, sound might not be synchronized after re-start. Please start video from beginning to have synchronized sound and video.

How long takes downloading MedAssist Online Due to the HD photo and video content, the MedAssist Online application's current version has a size of 235 MB. Depending on your internetspeed downloading might take substantial time. You can check progress in the Articulate 'Available Offline' screen when downloading.

How can I contact the support-desk? You can open a support ticket here >> Please describe precisely what the problem is. Allow 2 business days (max) for our reply.