Why MedAssist.online?

An extra crewmember when it matters most
The main reason to have MedAssist Online with you or your crew is that it will really help when it matters most. It's like having an extra crewmember. If there's a doctor, you don't need MedAssist Online. When there's no doctor on board, MedAssist Online will help out by learning you complex and potentially life saving medical skills - instantly.

Comply with STCW 1978 (and 2010 amendments) requirements
MedAssist Online contains the tools and skills that are part of the relevant sections of the STCW Code on Medical First Aid and Medical Care(Chapter VI, section A-VI/4, Table A-VI/4-1 and 4-2). These skills should be trained in school. Usually training took place years ago for the average crewmember, when they are called upon to actually bring their skills into practice. And even when they had recent training, a quick review helps a lot in making sure you do things right when you face a real patient.

Shipping companies and shipowners are required to making sure and demonstrate their crew is proficient to carry out their tasks. Having MedAssist Online means that a crewmember can be trained and instructed instantly, right when it matters. After consultation with a doctor over radio or phone, there is some time to get the medical materials together and prepare for the various medical procedures. Carrying out a medical procedure is not something a seafarer likes to do and puts a lot of pressure and stress on their shoulders.

MedAssist Online will guide your crew to what materials to use, how to use them and how to perform the procedures safely and successfully.
You can show you or your crew will be proficient right when it matters.

Comply with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006
The MLC 2006 states (Title 4.1) that 'Each Member shall ensure that all seafarers on ships that fly its flag are covered by adequate measures for the protection of their health and that they have access to prompt and adequate medical care whilst working on board'.

Having MedAssist Online means shipping companies and shipowners can show the authorities and labour unions that they, together with complying to all other required measures, are doing everything they can to provide the best medical care possible on board.

It is cost-effective
You really don't need to spend time learning how to use MedAssist Online. Once downloaded or tested (USB) just keep it ready in a safe place with your personal stuff, in the ships hospital or at the bridge. Only when you need to, when there is an actual patient, you can start MedAssist Online and review what you need to do and get it right. Train when it matters most.

Because you feel responsible
It should really not depend on rules and regulations. We know most companies, masters and officers care deeply about their crewmembers. They hope to avoid this kind of medical problems, but they know they will face them sooner or later. And so do you.

In the end preparing for a medical problem is just the right thing to do.  MedAssist.Online will help you doing it right.