Every crewmember deserves the best medical care possible

Provide better care with Medassist.online
Reduce costs by avoiding unneeded deviations and evacuations 

Value proposition

Medassist.online creates value by reducing costs (less deviations and emergency evacuations) and offering compliance (MLC 2006). Above all, we provide with your crew with the best medical care possible, so they can return home safely! Our Care4Crew consists of 3C's:

  • CareMedassist.online will provide you with the confidence and know-how to carry out medical procedures, step-by-step, successfully. Providing the best medical care possible


  • Cost reductionOur solutions will lead to significant savings. Avoiding unneeded deviations and evacuations, because of medical emergencies. Fleetwide introduction of our solutions will provide you with a ROI between 1:3 and 1:20


  • Compliance: With training and instant-learning underpinned to our solutions, our customers comply with international standards and treaties concerning medical care on board such as STCW 2010 and MLC 2006