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               Wanted: driven sales talent, adding serious commercial-, sales- and marketing power to our team.

Who are we? ( is a focused, growing and ambitious start-up based out of the Port of Rotterdam. We are working on going global. We help ship’s officers to make all the difference when it matters most: when their crew needs medical care at sea. We help the seafarer to make it back home and -at the same time- help the ship owner avoid a costly diversion of his ship. Our mobile platform helps making the right diagnosis and helps to perform basic medical procedures safely and successfully. Anywhere - Anytime.

 We have been nominated for several awards. We did win the Lloyd’s List -Australian Maritime Safety Authority- Award. We are in-market and have our first customers. Very recently we have been selected by PortXL ( , the start-up accelerator of the Port of Rotterdam, to take part in their program over the next 4 months. We will get help and support. But it’s up to us to make it happen.

We are a small team of diverse backgrounds, fully committed, but mostly adding part-time to our effort. There are challenging an exciting times ahead: we need to scale and sell our platform to make it out to sea on the ships and sail the world over. Will you be aboard?

Who are you?

You add serious commercial, sales and marketing capabilities to our team. You have a minimum of 5 years of proven experience in B2B in these fields. You are ambitious, energetic and confident to talk to and work with captains, managers or directors of our clients and capture their imagination to make them see what we can do for them and their people. You can close deals. You are hands-on and practical to make things work, we have no HR or service department. You are a team player and will help and give support to less experienced team members to make them succeed. You are flexible in time and schedule. You have a ‘whatever it-takes’ mentality. And -above all- you are passionate about making successful. Without you, we cannot reach the same heights as we do together.

What do we offer?

First off, we offer a great and meaningful challenge to work on. It’s not about ‘just another’ start-up: we can really help people out at sea and change their lives. To do so, we need to sell our solutions and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Initially we offer you a base-salary, depending on your personal profile, ranging from € 2.000 - 2.500/month for 6 months, at 30-40 hr/week, plus a commissions based variable amount. We offer a place to work in our offices in Rotterdam (with great views and great coffee) close to a Metro-station. You will take part in the accelerator program of PortXL. We ask you to be flexible, but so are we: it’s about results, not putting time in. We may ask you to do an assessment. You will need a driver’s license and speak Dutch pretty well. We offer you our support, great colleagues, freedom and trust as a member of our team.


Sounds good? Help us make the difference out there. Tell and explain us why we want you!

The team

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