Emergency Control - Maritime Training

Emergency Control - Maritime Training is the largest STCW medical training provider in the Port of Rotterdam. EC-MT specialises in maritime medical care training and support. Its team of doctors and nurses trains seafarers on a daily basis and offers consulting services on maritime-medical related issues. ECMT is approved by the EU/NL Netherlands shipping inspectorate (ILT - NL045) and is ISO 9001-2008 certified.


Stena Line

Stena Line is a leading ferry company in Northwest Europe and has over 7 million passengers yearly. An innovative company culture stimulates service- and product development. It's Northsea division provides support for developing Medassist Online applications and contributes to making the sea a safer place for passengers and crewmembers.



Skillsafe specialises in practical hands-on e-learning solutions and instruction applications for the maritime, offshore and dredging industry. Skillsafe was founded in 1999 and its staff has a maritime and offshore background. Over the years Skillsafe has served a significant number of maritime related companies, including many global players.


Network Partners


Lagaay International Worldwide Medical Supplier

Lagaay International is a Worldwide Medical Supplier, based in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1879 and has extensive experience in supplying medicals to Marine, Offshore and Remote locations. In our 6000 sq/m.(70.000 sq/ft.) warehouse, we keep stock of over 10.000 different medical products. We have a dedicated team of more than 50 employees, that work around the clock to provide the worldwide medical solutions that our clients need.


Maasmond Maritime -  Piet Sinke's 'Newsclippings'

Piet Sinke is the well known chief editor of the daily Shipping News. His Newsclippings are mailed daily to over 34.500 unique private- and company email addresses and distributed to over 350.000 readers worldwide. Covering the latest news, issues and nice-to-knows of the Maritime, Offshore and Dredging industry. Started collecting news clippings in 2001, Piet now receives over 300 emails each day from all over the globe, informing him of the latest news. Subscription is free, just click on the logo to register!


Maritime Training Centre International - MTC

MTC International creates a network for safety training centers in the offshore, shipping and renewables industries. MTC supports entrepreneurs worldwide in their endeavor to start an internationally accredited business. Our expertise lies in international standards like OPITO, STCW, GWO and ISO. Our services range from a friendly advice, to engineering and building a complete training center from scratch, turn-key when needed. We provide and manufacture tailor made training equipment, to fit each location.