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Joost van Setten - former Master Mariner Container vessels at Maersk Line

"During my life at sea I have encountered several medical emergencies. Some minor, some fatal. All we had to rely on were medical guide books, the Radio Medical Service and what we had learned during our officer’s training. And when one of your fellow crewmembers gets hurt and needs medical treatment such as stitching you have to act. If MedAssist online would have been on the market at that time I definitely would have purchased it as I would have felt much more secure during such moments."


Piet Sinke - Director and Master Mariner at Maasmond Maritime and editor of News Clippings

"I went to sea as a young boy and worked myself up to a captain. I commanded numerous vessels and travelled all over the world (and still do). My Newsclippings are distributed to over 35.500 active email addresses every day, reaching hundreds of thousands readers and keeping me up-to-date of all the maritime ins and outs. I strongly recommend MedAssist online as it helps bringing the medical standard on board to a higher level. I look at it as a fire-extinguisher, you never hope to use it but would feel uncomfortable when there wouldn’t be one on board."


Peter Jacobs - Ship's Operation Manager at Stena Line

"Ferry ships differ from regular merchant vessels because of number of the of people they carry. On board a vessel with over 1.000 passenger’s medical events happen. Just like they do onshore in a village of that size. Our staff on board receives thorough emergency training during regular intervals. But in case there is a medical event on board you have to respond adequate and use all the help you can get. That is why we supported MedAssist online during the development as it explains step-by-step what to do when it matters most."