Your new crewmember

Companies, masters and officers care a lot about their crewmembers. They hope to avoid medical problems at sea, but they know they will face them sooner or later. is a solution that will help out when it matters most by teaching vital medical skills - instantly.

Every year, there are thousands of seafarers who need urgent medical care at sea. Commercial ships all carry the mandatory equipment and medicines and can get radio medical advice. But in the end, it is up to the master or first officer to actually provide the help needed. When things get serious, that is not an easy task.

These skills should be trained in school. Usually training took place years ago and even when well trained, a quick review builds confidence in making sure they does things right when they face a real patient. is a software application that uses HD photo and video. It is available offline as a USB flash drive or download. On PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it works anytime and anywhere around the globe: simple and robust. It is specifically developed for helping to provide medical care at sea.

Having means a crewmember can be trained and instructed instantly, right when it matters. After consultation with a doctor over radio or phone, he can prepare for medical procedures. Carrying out a medical procedure is not something seafarers likes to do and puts a lot of pressure and stress on their shoulders.

Performing these skills correctly, means faster and better recovery of the patient and companies can avoid the substancial costs that diverting or medical evacuation brings.

Preparing for a medical problem is just the right thing to do: will help doing it right.